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Millennials Love Austin

Austin, Texas is full of surprises, from its live music to its museums to its lakes and parks, Austin is one city that is far from ordinary. The city has much to offer families and young professionals, like its world-class employers, growing job market, and affordable housing. It seems everyone, especially millennials, loves—and can’t get enough of, Austin.

Here are just a few reasons they love this city:

1. Growing Job Market: Austin is on Business Insider’s list of ‘Best US Cities for Finding a Job in 2018’. Austin is poised to grow in the tech sector, as the area is rapidly becoming more and more tech-oriented. In fact, the city is called the “Silicon Hills” because it is so popular with tech companies. Employment at these tech giants has even increased the average median household income, which is now just under $60,000. Companies such as Apple, Dell, and Google have homes in Austin, and the city is also the headquarters for Whole Foods.

2. Night Life and Outdoor Events: Everyone who visits Austin knows they’ll be attending a live music event or heading outdoors at some point, it’s what the city is known for. Austin has renowned music festivals, like the Austin City Limits Music Festival and the South by Southwest Music Festival, among others.

The city also offers a nightlife like that of much larger cities. Austin’s Sixth Street area is famous for its restaurants and bars, Hyde Park and the North Loop are known for their restaurants and bars, too, and Downtown Austin is the place to go dancing.

And while the city has plenty to do indoors, it’s also a city known for its health and fitness. In fact, last year the American College of Sports Medicine named Austin the “Fittest City in America” because of its 50 miles of trails and its 12 wildlife preserves. Residents can hike, kayak, run, take their pups to dog parks and much more in the 206 parks sprinkled around the city.

3. Housing Market: The National Association of Realtors says Austin is one of the best real estate markets for millennials. It’s also ranked second on Forbes’ list of Best Cities and Neighborhoods for Millennials. Why? Because houses are affordable and plentiful. While jobs have grown, migration to the city hasn’t been overwhelming, as many people commute into the city for work. This means there are plenty of homes available, and there are plenty of rentals.

4. Emphasis on the Environment: Austin is an environmentally-conscious city. Millennials care about the impact they have on the environment, and the residents in Austin really appreciate the city’s emphasis on sustainability. Last year, the city was named one of the top 10 green cities in the U.S. They’ve sold more renewable energy than any other city in the county. They’ve also pledged to be carbon neutral by 2020 through their use of renewable power sources.

As more millennials move to Austin, real estate investors should anticipate strong demand for rental properties since young professionals often aim to rent before buying a permanent home. Upkeep is often easier, as there are fewer headaches and fewer responsibilities, and there’s no need to take out a loan or qualify for a mortgage.

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Chloe Marie loves hitting up the nightlife in Austin with her friends. Although a huge fan of country music, she’s not adverse to going out and celebrating all that music has to offer, and secretly, enjoys a good jazz fest. Hanging out in the parks on a summer night listening to whatever local band is playing is one of her favourite past times.