Six of the best wild trail runs in the UK

Six of the best wild trail runs in the UK

‘Going for a run’ is exhilarating when forests and mountains are the backdrop. Two trail runners pick six stunning routes for beginners from their new book

There’s no doubt that running as a pastime is booming; big city marathons report record numbers of entries – London received over 250,000 applications for its 40,000 places in 2018 – and Parkrun interest has soared, from 13 runners in 2004 to over three million globally today. But the focus has always been parks and pavements, with off-road running dominated by cross-country and fell races. Now, more of us are venturing into fields, forests, moors and mountains in search of a wilder kind of running.

Trail running allows you to experience the thrill of running through spectacular landscapes without the need for tricky navigation, and you don’t need to be an expert runner. Here are six routes that are great for beginners – all you need are running shoes and you’re off.

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